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The IAF's Greatest Hits

Dec 2, 2017
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Reflecting lessons learned in Lebanon two years ago, Israel is working to win the Gaza campaign on the battlefield–and on the internet.

As the IAF kicked off bombing raids against Hamas last Saturday, the IDF public affairs branch launched a YouTube channel, posting videos of air strikes against terrorist targets. The effort has a two-fold purpose: first, illustrate the rocket and mortar threat that prompted the Israeli campaign, and (secondly) highlight the IAF’s attempts to avoid civilian casualties, through the use of precision intelligence and weaponry.

Those goals are evident in some of the latest videos released by the IDF. In a raid conducted earlier today, Israeli pilots eliminated a large stockpile of Palestinian rockets–stored in a mosque.

A second video shows an IAF strike on the offices of Hamas’ Prime Minister, and a brief clip of armed Grad rocket launchers–just before they were destroyed.

There’s also a longer, more recent video, entitled “Happy New Year From the IAF,” with footage of F-16Is and Apache attack helicopters being prepped for missions in Gaza. The last half of the video includes the results of individual missions, shown in previous clips.

Finally, we haven’t seen the footage of the IAF’s latest success, the elimination of a senior Hamas official earlier today. That has to be disconcerting for the terrorists; when the IDF launched its campaign five days ago, Hamas leaders dispersed and went into hiding. The IAF’s ability to track them down is another testament to the “precision intelligence” that forms the foundation of this operation.

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