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This man in the photo is George (the manager of the Atlantis Hotel), he, together with those from the Koullias Hotels Group, exploits the immigrants without paying them for the days worked

Jun 3, 2023
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this man in the photo is George (the manager of the Atlantis Hotel/ from Kos Island in Greece), he, together with those from the Koullias Hotels Group, exploits the immigrants without paying them for the days worked
this video was made on April 26, 2023, from the first day of work and is also posted on my tiktok, facebook, youtube channel
something about what my job was!
I worked as a receptionist in the night shift!
this hotel had 500 rooms and could accommodate over 1000 guests, which has a main building and several small houses!
there was only one guard at night and during the 7 days that I worked, every evening there were drunken people and my role was also to peacefully resolve the conflicts that arose between the drunken guests and people who were not drunken! there were groups of 8 people, all men and all intoxicated and making noise in the evening! I also had an accounting role and I had to do the total for the money earned by the hotel during the day!
I started work at 11 o’clock in the evening and until two o’clock in the morning Eggi helped me, but after two o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock I had to work alone! although it was a job for two people, I worked alone!
from 5:30 the hotel employees, cooks, waiters, bartenders and house keeping were coming!
there is a problem with the airport in KOS, they always have delays in the evening!!!
the most difficult thing for tourists was to complete the form and also to pay 3 euros per day, as the Greeks call it the tourist tax!
All tourists came to this hotel only through agencies and it rarely happens that someone makes a reservation through booking!
the tourist agencies and this hotel are lying to the customers of this hotel!
Update May 3, 2023
In 2013 when I worked in Cyprus, the boss of the nightclub where I worked told me that I could serve two or three soft drinks for free!
at the end of the month, when I got my wages, the head of the night club showed me all the receipts for the drinks consumed and obviously I lost half my wages!
Now, I came to Greece, but the experience of Cyprus remained in my mind,
The understanding was that I would work 6 days a week and obviously I would have one day off!
This hotel where I work, they miss the night reception!
I was supposed to stay at home on Sunday but they asked me to work this Sunday!
obviously I understood the situation and that I also worked on Sunday!
I asked to be paid for this day but the hotel refused!
they say this because they asked me nicely to stay at work!
Now all I’m trying to do is get the money for those days worked
for 7 days worked, I was paid by the Atlantis hotel ( KOS) with 201 euros!
the decision to leave was a good one! than to sit on my knees and have all my rights violated as a citizen of the European Union, I’d rather leave with my head held high and proud!
Greeks are liars and thieves!!!
Now the Greeks say that I worked only 5 days and not 7 days as it is true!
I made this video right from the first day of work and also the second I say I wrote on the chat to the manager from Ukraine, this chat exists and there is also a video of how I start the working day on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 and it can be seen right on the channel my TikTok!
Greeks are thieves and liars!
this post is part of the human rights abuse investigation, it’s about the fraud and repeated lying of the Greeks!
the purpose of this post is also to expose the exploitation of immigrants by the greeks!
anyone who reports this post is part of the thievery and the lie and the most important is the right to free speech



Update, May 4, 2023

the problem is that I was not the only one who worked 7 days a week without being paid for the 7th day! Here in the Atlantis hotel there are still women who work in housekeeping and they still work 7 days a week!
if the Atlantis hotel didn’t want to pay me for the 7th day, then I can imagine what their reaction is to Ukrainian women who work in housekeeping!
I’m also a blogger and I have over a million followers! imagine how the Greeks react to housekeeping if they hang up on a blogger like that!
I bought a ticket and as I said, I will leave here with my head held high, but things don’t end here!
I will study the labor code of Greece and together with the Ukrainians I hope to sue the Atlantis hotel on the island of Kos!
The Greeks are exploiting Ukrainian women who are forced to leave because of the war with the Russians!
Any prosecutor, judge, police officer, lawyer knows that overtime must be paid! Only a corrupt Greek judge would not win such a case!
Greeks, get down on the ground!
for such illegalities you have to pay huge fines!


Update, May 5, 2023

I forgot to take the washing machine with me to Greece!
obviously it’s a joke and not a single person is going to travel with the washing machine!
but what do you do when you are on the road for several days and you are in transit?
obviously you start to smell bad after a few days!
all you can do is change some clothes, which you have clean in your bag!
but what do you do when you are in transit for a few days through the airport!
i’ll probably go back to the london airport video where all the people are sleeping on the floor!
life as a tourist is full of surprises!
obviously all tourists change in the bathroom/toilet!
it’s no secret that it’s not allowed to wear deodorant or perfume through the airport (maybe there are exceptions, but it’s usually forbidden)!
what do you do in such situations?
you hope that those who see you understand you! at least, I understand those who drive/ travel for several days without washing!
what does it mean for a blogger to lose his laptop?
but to lose his phone too?
probably because I didn’t sleep the second night (yesterday I came by ferry from Kos (8:30 in the evening) and today I arrived in Athena (at 8 in the morning)!
I won’t sleep normally tonight or tomorrow night!
after they checked my luggage, I simply forgot to take the laptop out of the box (probably you all know that the laptop must stay in a separate box)! I realized in time that I was missing something and disturbed all the airport police to find my laptop! I found the laptop and I thank the Greek police for recovering the computer!
to lose the phone: it’s a catastrophe! because to log in to the site I have to enter passwords with double authentication and that also means losing access to the bank account (because at banks in the Republic of Moldova, to do banking operations you have to receive sms by phone!
losing access to one million and two hundred thousand followers would have been a very unpleasant situation for me!
I am human, and to err is human! I admit my mistake from physical exhaustion, but I am grateful to the Greek police because they found my laptop!
I trusted people, and especially Ukrainian recruitment agencies!
if the first Ukrainian agency turned out to be scammers, the second Ukrainian company (broko) behaved professionally!
obviously I won’t search through all kinds of agencies anymore!
they tried to solve the problem with the Greeks but the Greeks lied all the time!
after I return to Moldova, I will again start looking for work in the European Union and I will choose countries where human rights are respected and the salary is decent!
no wonder there is a shortage of workers in Greece, because the wages are miserable and they don’t want to pay you for overtime!
will someone else work for the same salary doing the same Job!
probably not! maybe there will be people who will work like those in Asia.
you want quality service, then pay!
Dear Jews, I am only in transit through Israel! you don’t have to mobilize the army. 🙂 !
tickets from Athens are very expensive and due to the fact that it is not a direct route, you also have to find a transit country!
I was only left with cash money, without thinking that I would have to return to the country because of an individual who did not want to pay me for the 7 days I worked!
if someone had told me a week ago or even yesterday that I would be buying a transit ticket through Israel, I probably would have laughed!
On Sunday I will go home to Moldova!
there are also countries through which I will not even transit, such as Poland or Romania!
those who have read my book know what i’m talking about!
Dear Jews, I am only in transit through Israel! you don’t have to mobilize the army. 🙂 !

Update, May 6, 2023

Usually when I go to a country for a first time visit, the same thing happens every time: every country tries to bar how sneaky they are!
then it starts with small challenges and to each challenge I answer them with such simple actions but at the same time without it happening to them that I could have reacted the same way!
Because they are influential and have access to the resources of the state, they think of themselves as a kind of God in which they believe that everyone must obey them, but when you have power and influence but not enough neurons, they start to become aggressive and break the law the country!
then i start filing criminal complaint against them and they get even more angry and start abusing the power they have!
The same thing started to happen in Greece (they really disappointed me, the Greeks are without creativity and so predictable) before that it happened in Canada, Poland, Georgia, Denmark, Romania there are also other countries but not very succeeded because I spent a little time in their territory!
Considering my background and if I had a choice between staying in the airport for a day or in a hostel, I would choose to sleep in the airport for a day!
Update June 3, 2023
Now I’m working on publishing the second book and I really don’t have time to waste!
it is a certain thing that Ukrainian women are exploited!
but the problem is that these Ukrainian women have no other solution, because some of them have children and will continue to work even if they are exploited!
I am a European citizen and I know my rights!
but I will take revenge on the Greeks in my own way!
if any Greek will suffer and need help, I will not do anything or I will make him suffer even more!
if I hold a job in public office and in a contest I will have a choice between a Greek product or a Dutch product, obviously the Dutch company will win the contest! and I don’t care if the Greek product is better or not! I know that the Greeks are liars and thieves and sooner or later I will regret that I chose the Greek company!
For me, the Greeks will remain thieves and liars for the rest of my life!
Why? I spent a lot of money on plane tickets! I also spent money on food! I also paid money to the Ukrainian agency to get this job! I spent around a thousand euros and this manager George only paid me for 5 days out of the 7 worked and he still continues to lie!
when in 2009 I was persecuted by the communists, I felt the moral and financial help from my colleagues and professors at the university even though the government was a criminal regime and for the simple fact that you support an anti-communist they could mistreat you or expel you from your job while in Greece, and what bothered me about the Greeks I worked with: that the next day they didn’t even look me in the eyes or say hello! I have never seen such cowardice in a nation!
only one girl looked into my eyes, but she was also of Albanian origin!
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