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Who Knew Health Tracking Could be Fun/ How can a smartphone app help you lose weight?

Jan 5, 2020
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more motivation than ever before

Most goal fail because they’re too hard to stick to. FitTrack empowers you with more information so that you can cultivate a greater understanding of your body

  • resizeicon-6.jpg?45093Personalized insights
  • resizeicon-5.jpg?45093Easy-to-read charts
  • resizeicon-4.jpg?45093Daily, weekly, monthly tracking
  • resizeicon-9.jpg?45093Stay motivated as you monitor your progress
*syncs with apple health, google health and many more!
Fittrack.com 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. image-9228014-13783187

made for all body types

Other fitness products fail to adjust their readings according to the user’s body type, but not FitTrack.

  • resizeicon-2.jpg?45093Athlete Mode for active users
  • resizeicon-7.jpg?45093Smart algorithm adjustments based on individual habits
  • resizeicon-1.jpg?45093Accurate, body-type specific reporting
“I have personally tried a variety of different fitness tracking products and I haven’t found one that was easy to use, affordable and gave you all of the data that you need. I often recommend FitTrack Dara and all-new Atria Tracker to my patients because it’s the most accurate fitness tracker on the market. My patients tell me how easy it is to track their health so they know their body better with the FitTrack Health app. They love showing me their health data during each visit!”
Dr. Amy, Cardiologist
 Most restrictive diets fail, which is a big problem

Who Knew Health Tracking Could be Fun/ How can a smartphone app help you lose weight?

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