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Nov 24, 2017
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Mini Cooper Classic CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

The Mini Cooper is a tiny little car that is great on gas, handles like a sports car, fits four adults and is cute to look at.

Why was the Mini Cooper Developed and Manufactured?

Mini-Cooper Classic CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

While many countries around the globe were faced with a series of fuel shortages in the 1950s, the British Motor Company (BMC) decided that it was it time to design and build a gas conscious vehicle than could appeal to the masses. Thus, Lord Nuffield engaged designer Sir Alec Issigonis with the task of creating a “microcar” that would be excellent on gas while at the same time able to compete with the other companies’ small vehicles that had already hit the automotive industry.

What was the Precursor to the Mini Cooper?

Mini Cooper-Classic CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

The Mini Cooper Classic Cars was launched on August 26, 1959 sporting room for four adults, gas economy, and the bonus feature of handling like a sports car. This model was not, however, the actual Mini Cooper which subsequently debuted later in 1962.

How did the Mini finally become Popular?

Mini Cooper Classic-CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

The first person to give credence to the sales of the Mini was Queen Elizabeth. Once she was seen driving the car and subsequently various celebrities owning the vehicle, the population at large had to have the car.

What Prompted the Launch of the Mini Cooper?

Mini-Cooper-Classic CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

John Cooper was a designer who built cars that won Formula One championships. As a result, he approached BMC about the possibility of a joint venture between his racing engine and the Classic Mini. The Mini Cooper was born in 1961 and launched to the public in 1962.

How Successful was the Mini Cooper?

Mini Cooper-Classic-CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

The new revolutionary model of vehicle was so successful that it overtook the Monte Carlo Rally. Coupled with the original benefits of the Mini and now the consistent, outstanding race performances, the Mini Cooper was set to become hugely popular.

In fact, it became a must-have commodity, a fashion statement. The Mini Cooperwas one of those odd items that crossed all social status. Cheap to buy but desired by all classes, it did not matter whether the car was a luxury vehicle or not.

What Happened Later?

Mini-Cooper Classic-CarsPicture Of Mini Cooper Classic Cars

Eventually interest in the Mini waned and sales were slow in the 1980s. And then after several changes in corporate structure, many limited edition models were introduced into the market to revamp the name and the line. Since 2001, the company has been and still is a division of BMW.
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