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The Queen of Romance

Nov 28, 2017
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The Queen of Romance in the 1930’s was Mrs. Wallis Simpson

Edwina H. Wilson in her book ‘Her Name was Wallis Warfield’ published in 1936, gives this amazing picture of Mrs. Wallis Simpson. It is difficult today to imagine what a world-wide effect the romance between King Edward and Wallis Simpson had:

“The world asks today, “Will King Edward marry Wallace Simpson? Will she, an American-born woman, be Queen of England?”
There is no answer until it comes from Buckingham Palace. The America will know if Wallis Simpson is to be consort to the mightest ruler on the earth and if she is to waer a crown. It would become her.
For Wallis Simpson IS a queen – the queen of romance, of glamour and the unfulfilled longings of a love-starved world. She is the queenly heroine of a love story, touching these two – Edward VIII, monarch of the British Empire, and Wallis Simpson of America- touches millions.
‘A toast, America! A toast to THE QUEEN OF ROMANCE.’”

Ms Wilson carries on even further:

“The most famous woman in the world today is neither a leader in public life, nor an heiress, nor a writer; not a philanthropist, a doctor, a scientist, nor a motion picture star.
Six months ago her name was comparatively unknown. Today it echoes above and below the equator – from Baltimore to the Isle of Bali, from Alaska to Antipodes.
She is the most romantic figure of the times, the amazing heroine of the most amazing chapter in recent history. Of international figures, she is, the best known and the one known least.
She is, of course, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, the American woman whom half the world expects to become Queen of England.
There has never been a story like it. There never has been an individual so glamorous. Did Mrs. Simpson take tea on Monday at Buckingham Palace? Did she drive out on Monday to go shopping? Did she really say this-and-so to the Duchess? Is it true that she wears a silver fox wrap worth $50,000? Does she, unfailingly, receive twelve dozen American Beauty roses each morning?
“Thus the tongues buzz. Thus the world wonders.””

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