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The Cricket Ball and Miss Stone

Nov 28, 2017
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The story of Miss Stone is very interesting, she was unlucky to be hit on the head by a cricket ball that was hit ‘out of the ground.’

Here it is from ‘The Encyclopaedia of Cricket’ by Maurice Golesworthy.

“One of the most interesting Law cases involving cricket was that which arose out of an injury sustained by Miss Bessie Stone, of Cheetham, Lancashire.
This lady was struck on the head by a ball hit out of the Cheetham Cricket Ground and she sued the club.

At Manchester Assizes in 1948 Mr. Justice Oliver found in favour of the club but Miss Stone appealed against this decision and had the verdict reversed, being awarded damages of £104 19s 6d. and costs amounting to £449.

By this time the case had attracted the attention of every cricket club in the country. The decision of the Court of Appeal could have a far reaching effect and so it was decided by the M.C.C. (Marylebone Cricket Club) and the National Cricket Club Association that the matter should not be allowed to rest. So, in May 1951, a further appeal came before the House of Lords. Fortunately for cricket the Lordships reversed the decision once again and awarded the Cheetham Club costs against Miss Stone amounting to £2,000.

Because it was felt that this case was so important to the welfare of all clubs the M.C.C. and the National Cricket Club Association got together and paid Miss Stone’s costs.”

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