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Nice Try But Abe Isn't On $100 Bill

Nov 30, 2017
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You have to wonder about the intelligence of some people, or rather the lack of it. Interesting article about a crook who tried to pass counterfeit $100 bills in Mesa, Arizona while attempting to buy a watch. The shopkeeper tried to be gentle about it, telling the prospective “customer” that Abe isn’t on the $100 bill. The customer then became irate and finally the owner tasered him. Police called, bad guy arrested, and the rest is history. I suppose if the thief was really intelligent, he wouldn’t be trying to do criminal deeds in the first place.

The image I’ve included here is a true $100 bill which featured Abraham Lincoln, but it’s a federal bank note from the year 1880. Now don’t try cppying this at home, because I’m sure the note is no longer legal tender.

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