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Bank Raid at Comanche, Texas

Nov 28, 2017
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This is an interesting article about a bank robbery in Comanche, Comanche County, Texas which neighbors Brown County to the west.

“M.E. “Boss” Greene Chases Outlaw Joe Horner
Posted on June 15, 1876 by Fredda Jones

After the Civil War, M.E. “Boss” Greene went on to become a U.S. Deputy Marshall who lived in Comanche, Texas when in 1876 a wanted criminal by the name of Joe Horner rode into town and robbed the banking house of Henry R. Martin, which was located on the east side of the square.

As luck would have it, an army scout named Henry F. Stone was trailing Horner at the time of the robbery, and he witnessed Horner and his men running out of the bank.

According to Stone, Horner and his companions ran out of the bank yelling, “CHARGE THIS ONE UP TO THE JAMES BROTHERS!!” Then they jumped on their horses and rode off. It was fairly common for bank robberies to be blamed on the infamous James boys whether they were within a hundred miles of the robbery or not.

Anyway, Boss Greene and a posse chased Horner over 200 miles to San Antonio before they lost the trail; however, the outlaw was arrested a few months later and given a 10 year prison sentence, soon escaping.

Horner next robbed a stagecoach, was caught and sent back to Huntsville where, believe it or not, he escaped again!

This time, Horner changed his name to Frank Canton and headed west to Wyoming where he became (as you might expect!) a deputy sheriff. Later, he moved to the Oklahoma Territory and eventually became the adjutant general for the state of Oklahoma.

Of course…No money was ever returned to poor Henry R. Martin of Comanche, Texas!*

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