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Apply for SNO Exchange 2020 (Fully-funded to Mexico)

Jan 25, 2020
APPLY FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY! Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know! Share / Like / Tag a friend in a post or comment! To complete application process efficiently and successfully, you must read the Application Instructions carefully before/during application process.

The deadline is February 15, 2020!Winners will be announced March 1st 2020.
Since 2017 we have been providing SNO students with an opportunity to apply for an exchange program at the annual TUFH conference co-hosting university. The exchange program provides, on average, two students with a chance to participate in health system placement in another country, and usually on another continent! The SNO Exchange has been a collaboration between GEMx and SNO in the past years. The 2020 SNO Exchange is a collaboration between SNOTUFH and the local co-host: UNAM and powered by ECFMG & FAIMER
To apply you have to be a member of SNO or GEMx student whose school is part of the GEMx networks. You have to be a current student in a health sciences program, and highly motivated to participate in this internship. Fully commitment to the program is necessary to gain the most out of this opportunity. The winner(s) receives fully paid travel and accommodation for the duration of the exchange as well as during the TUFH conference, the conference registration, and a health care department placement. 
For the TUFH 2020 SNO Exchange we expect to work with a group consisting of students from various backgrounds and professions. The collaboration will consist of two parts: 1. digital collaboration and 2. on-site visits
This group will work together on the analysis of a health system (Mexican Health System) from an interprofessional viewpoint. The collaboration will be digital months before the TUFH 2020 conference (6-7 months approximately) through videoconference and email. Tutors from UNAM’s public health department will be working alongside the aforementioned students as well as students from the UNAM. After the digital

Apply for SNO Exchange 2020 (Fully-funded to Mexico)plopandrew.blogspot.com Apply for SNO Exchange 2020 (Fully-funded to Mexico)

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