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Abe Lincoln Childhood

Nov 29, 2017
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Most people have read or heard about Abe Lincoln’s childhood, including how he would walk for many miles to borrow books which were quite scarce in those days on the frontier. He of course did the things kids did back then, such as help with farming (which he disliked) and other chores and certainly played games which were then popular. Although he had under one year of formal education combined in his life, he was always an avid reader, preferring that activity to nearly all others.
Imagine how Abe might have turned out had he been able to play video games. Who knows what he might have pursued in life, but I sort of doubt he would’ve grown up to be the greatest president our country has yet produced. Here’s a great photo of a kid playing a video game while wearing an Abe mask. For some reason, it struck me as very funny and led to this post. This blog is mostly serious, but life is far too short to not inject humor into it on occasion, including into serious blogs.
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