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Are you a woman with a degree in a STEM subject and passionate about your study? You could receive a scholarship to study a master’s degree, or an early academic fellowship, in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics programme at a leading UK university.

For the second year running, the British Council has launched a scholarship programme in partnership with 26 UK universities with the aim of benefiting women from the Americas, South Asia, South East Asia, Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine. We are looking for women with a background in STEM, who can demonstrate their need for financial support and who wish to inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in STEM.

Why a scholarship programme?

This scholarship programme aims to increase opportunities in STEM for girls and women. According to data from the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), fewer than 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women and only 30 percent of female students select STEM-related fields in higher education.

Globally, female students’ enrolment is particularly low in Information and Communications Technology (three percent), natural science, mathematics and statistics (five percent), and engineering, manufacturing and construction (eight percent).

Eligibility criteria

Applicants can apply from the following countries

For both Master’s Scholarships and Early Academic Fellowships Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
For Masters Scholarships only Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine

We are looking for women who:

  • are able to take up a course of study in the UK for the academic year from September/October 2022 – 2023
  • can demonstrate a need for financial support
  • have an undergraduate degree that will enable them to gain access onto one of the pre-selected postgraduate courses at a UK university
  • can attain the level of English required for postgraduate study/research at a UK university
  • are active in the field with work experience or a proven interest in their subject area
  • are passionate about their course of study and are willing to engage as committed British Council scholarship alumni

Full eligibility criteria are available below in the documents section.

Main benefits

  • academic prestige – the UK’s universities are amongst the world’s leaders in STEM subjects
  • economic support will include tuition fees, stipend, travel costs, visa and health coverage fees
  • special support for mothers
  • English language support

How to apply

Applications should be made directly to the participating universities. Please follow the links below (information will be updated as the application process in each participating university becomes live).

Application deadlines vary between courses but range from 28 February to 10 April 2022. Please check the deadline carefully with the university you plan to apply to, in order to avoid disappointment.

Please ensure you check and meet all of the eligibility requirements  before applying. 

South Asia

Eligible countries UK universities Course type Courses on offer




Sri Lanka

University of Strathclyde – Website  | Email 

Middlesex University – Website  | Email 

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne – Website 

University of Durham – Website  | Email 

The Manchester Metropolitan University – Website  | Email 

City, University of London – Website  | Email 

The University of Manchester – Website  | Email 

University of Aberdeen – Website  | Email 

Goldsmiths, University of London – Website  | Email 

University of Southampton – Website  | Email 


Masters Data Science

Environmental Science


Public Health systems

Information Technology

Renewable Energy & Energy Management

Project Management



Imperial College – Website  | Email 

University of Stirling – Website  | Email 

The University of Edinburgh

Early Academic Fellowship


Eligible countries  UK universities Course type Courses on offer


(Note: applications from Peru will be accepted for Imperial College London only)

Imperial College London – Website  | Email 

The University of Warwick – Website  | Email 

Anglia Ruskin University – Website  | Email 

University of Nottingham – Website  | Email 

University of Bristol – Website  | Email 

Masters Engineering

Climate Change

Public Health

Environmental Science

East Asia

Eligible countries UK universities Course type Courses on offer








Edinburgh Napier University – Website  | Email 

Brunel University London – Website  | Email 

Teesside University – Website  | Email 

Liverpool John Moores University – Website  | Email 

Masters Climate change

Healthcare management


Water engineering

University of Glasgow – Website  | Email 

University of York

Early Academic Fellowship


UK universities Course type Courses on offer
Glasgow Caledonian – Website Email  Masters Environment Management

Big Data Technology

University of Stirling – Website  | Email  Masters Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquatic Pathobiology

Aquatic Veterinary Studies

Environmental Management

Environmental Management (Energy)

Environmental Management (Conservation)

Autism Research

Psychological Research Methods

Health Psychology


Psychology of Sport

Mathematics and Data Science

Big Data

Financial Technology

Artificial Intelligence



UK universities Course type Courses on offer
University of Cranfield – Website  Masters Various – please refer to web link .


UK universities Course type Courses on offer
University of Glasgow – Website  | Email  Masters Sustainable Energy

Public Health

Environmental Futures / Risk Management

Mental Health

Psychological Science

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