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MINI Cooper Cars
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In North America the current MINI Cooper is marketed as a “car in the city.” Few people would take such a small vehicle on the streets, but because of fuel economy, easy parking and around the general economy, it is a popular vehicle.

But having said that many people care about the types of vehicles they drive on the highway, the problem is not a safety issue as it relates to the construction of the Cooper. In fact, critics of the car to feel that society too far into the car, which they have gone as proof armor, to increase the length and width of the vehicle during the removal of storage space and legroom.

More in crash tests, the output MINI Cooper many other vehicles of similar size, that its records show about the security. The problem for the public, if you have a long drive on highways daily lane 05:57 Racing against the heavy transport trailers and large buses face, as if a company in a serious accident or Pile-Up? Safety standards, not a small car is to take the brunt of the collision.

It should also be recalled that the original Mini Cars has been formed, a feature that has given them a better handling and maneuverability. Travel on roads with hills, curves, narrow roads with little room to operate, and residential areas are perfect for the car a little exuberant.

MINI Cooper Cars
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Also today, the department since BMW and BMW for its quality vehicles has been known, the MINI remains a safe vehicle. The previous models had problems with the oval rear view mirror blind spot, but the new models have been corrected by the rectangle as a mirror instead of the other vehicles in North America. It is obviously quite adept at handling the snow and ice in winter.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show test results of the 2008 MINI Cooper, two, three cars leading to a large number of four and five, from a low propensity to rollover during a crash and a low probability of serious injury in front- or side impact.

In view of the European market and the areas in which smaller vehicles have been the norm always on the way, the security would not be called into question. The MINI is probably one of the safest cars to drive. No matter where in the world you live, the MINI Cooper is to drive a vehicle at eye level. It comes with standard safety features, and then about four airbags as standard committed instead of two, plus the company to build a safe, solid vehicle.

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